Iron Frame Glass Lanterns

I’m greedy for these iron frame glass lanterns. Normally, I would not be an advocate for greed but when it comes to glass lanterns I’m all for it. Interior design is probably one of the few areas where greed is not a sin. When do you ever see just one chair, one ottoman or one side table. Interior design might be about functionality but it’s also about indulgence. One light, no way.

Iron Frame Glass Lanterns

According to Wikipedia, greed is defined as an inordinate or insatiable desire for unneeded excess, particularly when it relates to wealth, status, power and food. To possess more than one needs resulting in deprivation to others of potential means for basic survival and comfort. Well I don’t think my greed for more than one lantern is harming anyone. And they look so good together that it’s hard to resist. Long gone are the days of hanging one light over the table. In today’s world, we have bar counters, kitchen islands and grand dining tables. Even if the size of an average family has shrunk to four people, today’s modern family wants to eat in style. Rooms and spaces are larger and that means more lighting. A row of lights over the counter, a group of lights over the kitchen island and even two chandeliers over the formal dining table. Bigger spaces demand more light but they also require more design. One lantern can look lost over a large island or counter so fill it up to add more light for prep work and more light for style. So when it comes to lighting go ahead and get greedy for these iron frame glass lanterns.

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iron frame glass lanterns
Get greedy



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