Iron Stools and Vintage Bottles

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Vintage bottles, wood table, iron stool and an industrial pendant light make for a cool industrial look. Or is it Chemistry lab?

For a minute, I thought I was back in high school sitting in Chemistry class. But now you can relive those days with industrial furnishings that now find comfort in your home. This industrial pendant light would look great hanging in the kitchen or over the desk in your office. And the chemistry bottles would add real vintage character to any room. But I like the all metal stool the best. It is rock solid with a heavy iron base. This iron stool is not going anywhere. The gray finish is true vintage industrial style and it would look great at the breakfast bar or in the office. So brush up on your Periodic Table, it’s all about the Iron (Fe).

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Vintage bottles and industrial pendant light

Cool vintage bottles

And a clear glass shade on this industrial light

Vintage label but don’t forget the wood

Industrial style iron stool

With a heavy iron base

And a heavy price tag

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