Iron Wire Mesh Chandelier

A chain link fence or an iron wire mesh chandelier. Not quite a fence but this iron wire mesh chandelier is built just as strong. And the two actually have a lot in common.

Of course a fence stands along the perimeter of a yard while this chandelier hangs over a dining room table but the construction of the iron wire mesh is very similar. Welded wire mesh is generally used for barrier fencing and is manufactured in square or rectangular mesh from steel wire which is welded at each intersection. It is an electric fusion welded grid made up of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at predefined spaces. Now you can understand why machines are to used to produce this mesh with precision while saving considerable time, labor and money. You probably didn’t realize that making a wire mesh was this complicated but the process is the same for making this iron wire mesh chandelier. These chandeliers are built industrial strong yet they have a graceful and elegant shape that will enhance the beauty of any room. Hang one chandelier over the formal dining room table or hang a group of chandeliers in the large lobby of a hotel or in the waiting room of a local pub. This chandelier may not keep the children or dog from running out of the back yard but it sure will look good entertaining family and guests. Next lesson will be electrical fusion.

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iron wire mesh chandelier
A chain link fence
iron wire mesh chandelier
Or an iron wire mesh chandelier
iron wire mesh chandelier
Both built industrial strong
iron wire mesh chandelier
I choose the chandelier