Distressed Painted Wood Furniture

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I love painted distressed wood furniture.  The older the better, but when you can get new furniture that looks old, oh happy day!  Wood furniture that functions as new so that you can live with it every day in your home.  Forget the vintage and antique furniture, they cost too much and they never work right anyway!

Take a look at one of my favorite furniture wholesalers.  This furniture is meant for living!

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Farmhouse Hutch in warm red

Great honey stained distressed wood

Vibrant blue interior on this antique white hutch

Great wood lattice work on the top

Sage green wood console table

There’s that blue again!  Distressed painted wood bench

Great curves on this gray wood dresser

Love the distressed paint on this wood dresser

White always works.  Distressed painted wood chairs

Big kitchen island in green

This can go anywhere, wood side table or nightstand

Love the natural distressed wood top

Vintage Bombay Dresser at Hudson Goods

We’ve got our own painted wood furniture at HudsonGoods.com

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We’re not Pottery Barn, shop and compare

Bombay Nightstand at Hudson Goods

Click here to view the Bombay Wood Nightstand, $349 at HudsonGoods.com

Beats Pottery Barn prices




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