La Vie Parisienne Art

This could be just three women diving off the pier but it’s actually La Vie Parisienne art. It’s a replica of the cover from the French magazine La Vie Parisienne. In translation it means the Parisian life. It was a weekly French magazine founded in Paris back in 1863 and was published up until 1970. The magazine covered expected topics related to books, sports, theater, music and the arts. In 1905, all that changed when the magazine hired a new editor named Charles Saglio. He wanted to change the magazine’s image to appeal to a more modern reader. Yes, they thought they were modern even back in 1905.

La Vie Parisienne Art

The magazine did change. La Vie Parisienne became a somewhat risqué mildly erotic publication for it’s time. These swimsuits were considered risqué in the early 1900’s. So much that during World War I, servicemen were warned not to purchase the magazine. Of course, this made the magazine even more popular in the United States. The new magazine was a success combining a mix of subjects that included short stories, gossip, fashion, the arts and even love. It also included cartoons and full page color illustrations by leading artists of the time. This painting graced the cover of one such publication. Feel free to dive in.

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La Vie Parisienne Art
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