Large Black Metal Bead Chandelier

I like this large black metal bead chandelier so much that I am ready to fight for one. Fortunately, there’s no need to come to blows because it’s available for purchase at But when there’s only one left in stock I can’t guarantee that we won’t need a referee to decide who gets it. I could say that these two men in the painting were fighting for the last chandelier but that might be an exaggeration. Maybe they were. Both came into the store at the same time. They saw this large black metal bead chandelier hanging in the center of the showroom and walked up to the counter at the same time. There was only one salesman at the register and the two men spoke at the same time. I would like to purchase that large black chandelier. The salesman looked up and said sorry but we only have one left. The two men looked at each other waiting for the other to say you can have it. But neither said anything. After a long uncomfortable silence both men said at the same time I’ll take it. With no other options available the salesman reached below the counter and pulled out two pairs of boxing gloves. Without hesitation the men put on the gloves and laced them up. They turned toward each other, put their hands up and the salesman hit the small bell on the counter. Now if you believe what happened next I also have a bridge to sell you.

Large Black Metal Bead Chandelier

This may not have really happened but it’s not that unbelievable because this is one large impressive chandelier. Large black metal beads, large light bulbs and a large size all make this chandelier a standout. Yes, it’s black. Not the standard color for a traditional chandelier but just imagine this light hanging over a large table in an all white dining room. All I can say it would be a knockout.

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large black metal bead chandelier
I’m willing to fight for this chandelier



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