Large Linen Box Chandelier

Think outside the box, on second thought let’s just stay inside the box with this large linen box chandelier. We’ve all heard the phrase think outside the box. Don’t do the expected or the ordinary. It applies to vintage industrial design as well as your everyday life. We can all buy a brass six candle chandelier to hang over the dining room table. That’s perfectly fine as long as you know that every other neighbor is hanging the same chandelier over their table. Something inside most of us wants to set ourselves apart from the herd and that’s why we like this linen box chandelier.

Large Linen Box Chandelier

Made with a heavy linen fabric that is draped on a metal box frame, this chandelier not only looks like a box but it definitely thinks outside the box. Sometimes the simplest of forms can make the boldest of statements. Hang this linen box chandelier over a large dining room table and it will not only provide plenty of light to dine by but it will get admired by all of your family and friends. In fact, even when no one is sitting down to dinner the soft linen and large rectangular shape of this chandelier will be noticed by anyone that walks by the room. The sharp, crisp lines and ninety degree angles on this chandelier make it more like a sculpture than just a light source. And it’s hung with two natural jute ropes that complement the natural linen making this chandelier perfect for a beach setting or vintage industrial design. Inside the box, outside the box, any way you think this linen box chandelier is anything but ordinary.

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large linen box chandelier
Think inside the linen box chandelier



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