Large Metal Floor Mirror

Why hang a large metal mirror on the wall when it can look just as good on the floor.

We all think that a mirror has to hang on the wall. Instead we should think of mirrors as pieces of furniture that can look good on the floor too. Just like a dining room table or upholstered dining chairs, this large mirror fits right in sitting on the floor and leaning against a large blank wall. Made from solid metal with tiny steel rivets this large mirror could look good over the sofa or behind a bar counter. But it would be a lot easier to just lean this heavy metal mirror any where you like in your home. This mirror not only adds industrial style to your room but it will increase the size of your room. Using a mirror that is floor to ceiling can actually make your room appear much larger than it actually is. Not to mention how nice it is to have a full length mirror to check ourselves out in every day. Maybe these shoes don’t really match the hat I’m wearing today. Mirrors can have dual functionality with adding style to a space and helping us not walk out of the house each day wearing a pair of mismatched shoes. So forget hanging a mirror on the wall and place it on the floor to enjoy every day.

Now I have a pair of pants to change.

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A large metal mirror

That looks better on the floor

Than on the wall

How do I look today

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