Large Natural Oak Wood Bookcase

Someone needs to tell this large natural oak wood bookcase that unfortunately, books are now on the endangered species list. This bookcase is probably unaware that it’s shelves are holding such precious cargo. Made from solid oak,  the natural white finish on this bookcase makes it a unique piece of furniture to hold your books or to display your favorite vintage finds.

Large Natural Oak Wood Bookcase

The demise of hard cover books can be attributed to the creation of the internet. In the beginning it took a little time to catch on but now even my mother knows how to surf the net on google. What are the side effects of my medication. What day does my birthday fall on this year. Who are the doctors in my area. What is the weather going to be this week. You name it and the internet has the answer. Easy and quick answers to your questions right at your fingertips. Use an iPhone, iPad or laptop. They will all provide the same quick response. The same applies to reading a good book at night or a newspaper in the morning. It’s all on the internet. Why wait for your favorite news show on TV to find out what’s happening in the world when you can get it right now. Why get in the car and drive to the nearest bookstore when you can relax at home with your iPad and read an eBook. It works out to be a lot less expensive for both the producer of information and the consumer. A one time investment in the electronic device of your choice and a low monthly subscription to your favorite reading material. No need for manufacturing plants to produce a hard cover book and no fancy brick and mortar storefronts to sell it. I like the books on this bookcase but I think it would look just as good holding my iPad. Now where are my reading glasses. Some things never change.

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large natural oak wood bookcase
Books are an endangered species



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