Large Oak Wood Dining Table

Feel like the king of the jungle with this large oak wood dining table. Sit at the head of this dining table and your family and friends might just start treating you like one.

Large Oak Wood Dining Table

We’ve all heard the phrase a man’s home is his castle. I’d like to think that it means I can do what I want in my own home even if that means walking around in my birthday suit. I would also like to think that in some way my home remotely looks like a castle. That would include grand furniture like an over sized four poster bed, big crystal chandeliers and a very large oak dining table where I could entertain heads of state. But in reality, this everyday phrase means a lot more than living in a big home. It started back in the early 1600’s in England when no one could legally enter your home without your permission. This common law was later translated into our Bill of Rights with laws pertaining to our rights to privacy and security. Our Fourth Amendment Rights protect us from illegal search warrants in and outside of our homes without a warrant or specific cause. So enough with the history lesson, let’s get back to this one of a kind large wood dining table. It can certainly fit a lot of family and friends and at Thanksgiving you can finally retire the kid’s table. No more adults at one dining table and children at another. The king of the jungle and all that follow him can sit at one large table. Just think how easy conversation would be with all of your guests at one big table. Passing the gravy might take a little longer but it would be a lot more fun at this table. As long as I’m the one sitting a the head of the table.

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large oak wood dining table
Family and friends all at one table



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