Large Palladian Oak Mirror

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Bring the outdoors inside.

If you need more windows in your room, just make your own with a large palladian oak mirror. We all have those spaces in our homes where we wish we had more light. But with a large mirror you can create an illusion that the space is not only larger but brighter as well.

Made from solid oak with a semicircular arch and windowpane construction, this palladian mirror can act as a window to reflect images and light within your room. Lean this large mirror on the floor or hang it on the wall. Then place some live potted plants in front of the mirror and you’ve created your own garden retreat right inside your own home. And once in awhile you might even forget that it’s really just a mirror. So take advantage of it and check yourself out.

Remember mirror, mirror on the wall…

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Bring the outdoors inside

With a large oak mirror

And potted plants

Mirror, mirror on the wall

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