Large Reclaimed Wood Clock

This large reclaimed wood clock is really big and it shows it’s age from working hard on the railroad. That’s right. The wood on this clock was salvaged from real railroad ties. The old wood ties that were used to make railroad tracks that run along the ground. Most of these wood tracks have been replaced today. Now they are made with steel and will probably last a life time.

Large Reclaimed Wood Clock

The same might be said for this large clock. No more heavy trains to speed across its wood. These wood ties have been reclaimed and find themselves at a higher railroad station in life now. No more working hard on the ground. No more scorching summer heat or freezing cold winters. These wood ties are ready to relax and retire to the comfort of your home. They have been cut and pieced together for display on a wall in any room. Reclaimed wood reflects its natural beauty with cracks, distressing and imperfections. All that make this large clock perfectly imperfect. It’s time to go now.

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large reclaimed wood clock
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