Large Round Vintage Wall Mirror

Sometimes all it takes is a simple round mirror on the wall.

To make a room great. History has proven that mirrors have been around a long time and are a common staple to interior design. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. There have been compact mirrors used to apply makeup that fit in a woman’s purse to very large mirrors that can fill an entire wall. Mirrors that hang on the wall can also come with a large variety of frames. Mirror frames are made from wood, iron and even recycled paper. You name a fabric or material and there is probably a mirror made with it.

Mirrors can be essential for making that last quality control check before leaving the house for work. But mirrors also add to the decor and overall ambiance of a room. Use a mirror in the front foyer to greet guests or hang two large vintage round mirrors behind the sofa for visual interest and to make the room appear larger than it really is. These mirrors were hung with a tilt from the wall to make the room larger and to add vintage style to the space.

So next time you shop for a mirror, keep it simple and make it a vintage round mirror.

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Sometimes all it takes

Is a simple round mirror

To make a room great

Iron frame mirror

And I like the horse head too!

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