Large Sailboat Oil Painting

Night sailing or a large sailboat oil painting. Obviously this is not real night sailing. We hung this large oil painting of a sailboat on the wall and lit it up with a cool globe chandelier. But it got me thinking about night sailing and how boats navigate at night. More importantly, how do we see at night to sail a boat on the high seas. The eyes are very complex and apparently there are three phases of how they adapt to the dark. First, the pupil dilates to allow as much light in as possible. This could take a few seconds or in some people a full minute. Second, there are chemical changes in the eye that can take up to ten minutes for the cone cells to adapt to the absence of light. Lastly, there are rod cells which contain rhodopsin which is activated to assist with black and white vision. This takes several hours to fully adapt. Overall, it takes about ten minutes to get most of our night vision and a few hours to achieve maximum night vision.

Large Sailboat Oil Painting

If you’re still interested in sailing at night the following safety tips have been prepared by the American Safety Association. Dress accordingly as the temperature generally drops at night. Carry a decent searchlight for obvious reasons. Stand watch as night sailing means the boat is moving and accidents can happen. Don’t push for speed but operate at a reasonably safe speed. Make sure waypoints are clear and safe. Know the light patterns which are specific to night sailing. And most important, wear a life preserver, preferably with a battery powered light. A lot to know and remember. I think I might just sit back and pretend I’m sailing at night as I admire this handsome painting.

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large sailboat oil painting
Night Sailing



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