Large Vintage Industrial Pendants

You don’t have to join the Navy to enjoy these large vintage industrial pendants. Yes they are from an official sailing vessel of the Navy but now you can appreciate them in your own home. I have deep respect for all those that serve our country. I really do like these marine pendants. But not sure I would go so far as to join the navy to get them.

Large Vintage Industrial Pendants

You hear naval carrier or battleship and you automatically think big and strong. Industrial strength steel graces practically every inch of a naval ship both inside and out. No wood here. It wouldn’t survive the salt air or water. No matter how much it was chemically treated. These vintage pendants were salvaged from a decommissioned Navy ship. They show their age but they still look good to me. Made with a really thick grade A steel, they look almost too heavy to hold. And the glass shades below are still in good shape. A scrape here or a dent there, battle scars of a true hero. These lights have been in and out of battle and are now ready to serve you at home. They will gladly shine a light on the kitchen island below and probably outlast us all. Built industrial strong. All hands on deck.

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large vintage industrial pendants
All hands on deck with vintage industrial pendants



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