Large Vintage Motorcycle Paintings

This display of large vintage motorcycle paintings makes me want to hit the open road. Riding a motorcycle gives you control and freedom at the same time. Control that brings man and machine together. A slight turn of the wheel and it moves. A pull on the throttle and it performs. The wind on your face gives a sense of freedom that is hard to compare to anything else. Go where you want. Ride where you want. No GPS. No final destination. If you can’t have your own bike these vintage motorcycle paintings are the next best thing. Painted in oil on salvaged metal, these paintings will add vintage industrial style to your space.

Large Vintage Motorcycle Paintings

The Socovel was invented in Belgium by the Limelette Brothers in 1938. Maurice was an engineer and brother Albert was a business man. In 1941, Maurice spent considerable time in the hospital following a serious car accident. During his forced stay he designed the first electric motorcycle inspired by gasoline rationing from the German occupation. They soon produced fifteen electric motorcycles and they all sold within months. The following year, the company Socovel sold 400 more in spite of their high price. At the end of the war, and gas rationing, the electric motorcycle was discontinued. And in 1946, Socovel introduced a new motorcycle which ran on gasoline. It was very successful and was updated regularly until the death of Albert Limelette in 1952. Increased access to the automobile and financial problems led to the eventual demise of the company. But historians credit Socovel and the Limelette Brothers with the invention of the first electric motorcycle. Capture this moment in time with an oil painting of the motorcycle that gives you freedom.

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large vintage motorcycle paintings
Hit the open road



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