Large Windowpane Wall Mirrors

These large windowpane wall mirrors make the room but are they good enough to take a selfie. Hanging a mirror on the wall has taken on new meaning. It used to be a primary staple for interior design. It still is but today it’s the driving force behind taking a selfie. Wall mirrors transcend countries and cultures. They have been used around the world in both residential and commercial spaces. Just like the wall mirror a selfie transcends the same borders and has become a global phenomenon. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like these round wood mirrors. In fact, I like them so much that I had to hang three on the same wall. From a design perspective, it made sense and they look great. From a selfie perspective, the more the merrier. If hung close enough together you could probably get three selfies for the price of one.

Large Windowpane Wall Mirrors

I’m not sure when or where it started but we know that social media would be empty without the infamous selfie. Reflecting glass has never been so popular and not for design aesthetics. Walk by a mirror in the hall, snap a selfie. Walk by a parked car, snap a selfie in the sideview mirror. Walk on the sidewalk, snap a selfie in the storefront window. See your image in your friends reflective sunglasses, snap a selfie. Anywhere you can imagine, it’s been done. The question is where do we go from here. How many selfies can one take before running out of storage on your cell phone. What’s the next big thing. There will always be something new to make the past history. Maybe it will be these round windowpane wall mirrors. Snap.

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large windowpane wall mirrors
Big mirrors for a big room



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