Large Wood Drafting Table

This large wood drafting table might be on the endangered species list but it’s still on my list of favorite wood tables. Unless you’re an architect you might not recognize this table. But to the expert draftsman it’s the primary tool of the trade. It was and still is used to draw up design plans for buildings, homes, floor plans and even outdoor landscape. And it was all done by hand.

Large Wood Drafting Table

This drafting table adjusts in height and pitch of the table top so that anyone can use it. It’s also equipped with the required wood edge at the bottom to hold all the necessary rulers, pens, pencils and paper. The drafting table puts pen to paper in a different way than writing a letter, poem or story. It brings ideas to life in not words but through pictures. Beautiful drawings that were once only an idea or image in someone’s head are now brought to life by the hands and tools of the draftsman. Unfortunately, modern technology has changed this art form forever. We now have desktops and laptops with sophisticated software that can draw lines, angles and scenery with just a touch on the mouse or track pad. Maybe it’s easier on the back and hands but something gets lost when it’s no longer made with the human hand. Fortunately, we still assign value to products that carry the label made by hand, hand embroidered, hand stitched or hand painted. It means someone took the time to make it one of a kind and to make it right. Get me a pencil and ruler. I’m ready to start drafting.

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large wood drafting table
Drafting anyone?



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