Leather Stitched Pendant Light

Fine leather and pendant lighting are not a likely combination. But check out this leather stitched pendant light and you will agree they are perfect together. I heard hand stitched leather lights and was not sure what to expect. But after hanging this pendant I was pleasantly surprised.

Leather Stitched Pendant Light

There are leather briefcases, leather wallets and even leather clothing. And now there’s leather lighting too. I love the feel of a soft leather sofa or wearing a supple leather jacket. They’re soft and keep you warm or cool depending on the climate. Not to mention that they wear well and worth the investment. But I want to reach up and touch this soft leather pendant light as it hangs from the ceiling above. Made with an aluminum frame that is wrapped in brown leather with hand stitching, this pendant will add a soft touch to your space without ever touching it. This light fits right in with the man cave but it also adds a soft touch to the hardscape in your kitchen. Square kitchen cabinets, square islands and square tables need the softer touch of a leather dome shaped pendant. This pendant will look great in your kitchen but it also works well in a commercial space over the bar counter or dining table to add some vintage style to the space. Leather lighting, you can look but don’t touch.

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leather stitched pendant light
Leather Stitched Pendant Light



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