Vintage Neon Signs

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Located in the heart of Tribeca, “Let There Be Neon” has been making custom neon signs for more than three decades.  The store is a unique blend of both old and new lighting with a unique collection of vintage clocks and signs proudly displayed on the exposed brick walls.   Included is original signage for Capital Records, Coca Cola and Chevrolet.  Back in style, new neon lighting is designed using the color wand chart below and is custom ordered by advertisers, beer drinking enthusiasts and even the Sopranos!

Let There Be Neon is located at 38 White Street, New York City.

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A wall of vintage neon clocks

Good old Coca Cola neon sign

Original Capital Records neon sign

Remember Corvair by Chevrolet?

The color wands for custom neon lighting

Neon lighting for the beer drinkers

Custom made for the Sopranos TV series

Let there be neon.  Vintage and custom neon lighting

Vintage tin signs

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