Lucha Libre Coin Banks

Get ready to rumble with these lucha libre coin banks. There are six different banks each sporting a different color and mask. Just like the real lucha libre wrestlers. The cash prize may not be the same but it just takes time. Drop a few coins a day into this bank and you might be surprised by year end. It’s also a lot easier than entering the wrestling ring.

Lucha Libre Coin Banks

Lucha libre means freestyle wrestling and is the term used in Mexico for professional wrestling. The lucha libre wrestler is known as the luchadore and he usually comes from a long family line of professional wrestlers. Since introduced in the early 20th century, it has been characterized by the use of colorful masks to conceal the real identity of the wrestler. During his career, the luchadore will often wear his mask in public and will go to great lengths to hide his true identity. Some are even buried in their mask after death. Makes me think. Don’t we all wear a mask. At least sometimes to not reveal our true selves. Maybe to not so close friends, business associates or strangers. What mask are you wearing?

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