Vintage 1961 Impala

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I collected matchbox cars as a kid and even had the traveling case to go with it!  That way I could lug my matchbox cars over to my friend’s house.  But eventually I started painting them my own colors and adding glitter with Elmer’s glue.  What was I thinking!

Check out this vintage 1961 Impala matchbox car and by the way, the real 1961 Impala isn’t too bad either!

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What a matchbox car!

It’s a roll of the dice

The legendary checkered flag… and floor… on this 1961 Impala

What are those numbers for?

Back up slowly with those tail lights

No seat belts in this 1961 Impala

Love the chrome on this Impala

Hand powered windows

Remember cleaning whitewalls?

The top is down, want to take a spin in the Impala?

tin gasoline petrol-number signs

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