Metal Cage Light

I have the metal cage light but where’s a good mechanic when you need one. Metal cage lights were first introduced as a working man’s tool. They are made with industrial strength iron and a metal cage to protect the light bulb from breaking.

Cage lights were once the staple of almost every blue collar worker and are still in use today. The purpose of a cage light is to provide light and to illuminate those dark hard to reach places. Popular with car mechanics, a metal cage light is hung from under the open hood to shine light on engine parts. Plumbers use metal cage lights while working under the kitchen sink. And electricians use metal cage lights down in the crawl space or up in the attic. Wherever lighting and electrical outlets are scarce, a metal cage light can come to the rescue. Equipped with a metal hook on one end and a long cord on the other, cage lights can hang just about anywhere. But now metal cage lights have found a new home. Hard wire these cage lights over the kitchen island or over the formal dining room table. And don’t hang just one light. Hang a group of metal cage lights at different lengths and create a one of a kind lighting display. They will add real industrial style to your space and plenty of light too. Now excuse me, I need to call a plumber to fix this leaky faucet.

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metal cage light
Metal cage lights
metal cage light
Electricians use them
metal cage light
Plumbers use them
metal cage light
And now you can too