Metal Lattice Coffee Table

Go ahead and pile the books on this metal lattice coffee table. But look below the surface and you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood. Coffee tables can look great but they also need to be functional. It’s nice to display flowers, candles or books on a coffee table. But after a long hard day at work I just like to put my feet up on it.

Metal Lattice Coffee Table

In case we take coffee tables for granted, Wikipedia has included it in their formal record of definitions. A coffee table is a long, low table which is designed for placement in front of a sofa to hold beverages, magazines, books and decorative objects. Of course the beverage of choice is coffee and thus the official name coffee table. Wikipedia goes on to say that in some situations, such as a party, the coffee table can be used for plates of food like appetizers and deserts. I wonder if Emily Post would agree. In any case, coffee tables are usually located in the living room. They come in many different styles and prices. The most common construction material is wood but metal is also popular. There is also an idiom that was derived from the coffee table. Gather around the coffee table was meant to encourage social conversation and activity. Little did I know there was so much to be said about a simple coffee table. It’s all good but I would rather just put my feet up on one.

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metal lattice coffee table
Go ahead and put your feet up



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