Metal Sign Wall Lights

Industrial lights or wall art.

How about a combination of both.

It’s the holiday season and the lights go up on the outside. Drive down almost any street in town and check out the homes decorated in festive holiday lights. Lights on the bushes, lights on the trees, lights on the house, bright multicolored lights are everywhere. So why not hang lights on the walls inside the house. Made from solid metal, these wall lights come in different sizes, shapes and colors. There’s even a metal skull and cross bones if that’s your thing. Vintage industrial design can be easy with sofas, chairs and tables. But many times, our walls are the last place to make a design statement. Don’t settle for an ordinary mirror or oil painting. Light up your walls with vintage metal signs. Use a cafe sign in the kitchen, skull and cross bones in the man cave or a sign of Paris in the bedroom to dream yourself to sleep. Any way you use these metal sign lights they will add character and vintage style to your space.

Peace out.

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Industrial lights

Or wall art

How about both

Peace out.

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