Metal Steampunk Bar Console

Get punked with this cool metal steampunk bar console. This bar cabinet looks like something out of the space age. No surprise. It was inspired by vintage steampunk design. Made with galvanized metal and a heavy brass frame, this is no ordinary bar console. Glass shelves, bottle rack and a mirrored back add to the appeal of this unique vintage style cabinet.

Metal Steampunk Bar Console

Steampunk is a unique genre of fiction similar to science fiction or science fantasy. It reflects a twist on technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery. Thus the name steampunk. It features futuristic inventions as people in the 19th century envisioned them. They saw a post apocalyptic type future where steam power was the primary source of energy. It’s an alternative history that incorporates elements of fantasy, horror and fiction. Probably one of the best examples of steampunk design can be found in the work of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, Twenty Thousands Leagues under the Sea. It’s a classic science fiction novel that was published in 1870 and adapted to the big screen in 1954. One of the few films that was personally directed by Walt Disney himself through Disney Productions. The story depicts the main character, Captain Nemo, making war on injustice as he explores the bottom of the sea. His underwater vessel is steampunk designed with gadgets and inventions that are fantasy and futuristic. I wouldn’t try submerging this vintage bar cabinet in the water. But you can display your favorite bottles and be the captain of your own home. Get punked.

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metal steampunk bar console
Get punked with steampunk design



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