Metal Steampunk Pendant Lights

A new Punk Band or just metal steampunk pendant lights. It’s not The Ramones or The Clash. But just like punk bands are a subculture of rock music, steampunk is a subculture of science fiction. Based on part fantasy and part industrialized technology, steampunk design depicts how people in the 19th century envisioned the future of technology. And it typically featured steam powered machinery. Little did they know back then that steam power would be quickly replaced by microchips and computers. But to them steam was the way of the future. It was not sleek and minimal but instead, it was filled with gadgets and plenty of gizmos. Some without meaning or purpose and that’s why these steampunk pendants are loaded with design elements just for the fun of it.

Metal Steampunk Pendant Lights

Made from solid iron, these heavy pendants reflect an industrial steampunk style. Bolts and curvy iron brackets have been added to these lights for no particular reason. No rhyme or reason and they serve no mechanical function. It’s just for fun. So put some fun back in your kitchen. Hang these steampunk pendants over the kitchen island or over the bar counter. They will add visual interest and industrial style to your space. While you’re at it play some Ramones on the turntable and rock it out. A special shout out to The Ramones and I Wanna Be Sedated.

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metal steampunk pendant lights
Get punked with steampunk pendants



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