Mid Century Arm chair

Get weaving or get this mid century arm chair. Natural jute has been woven on this solid wood frame to create a unique style and a comfortable chair. The base of this mid century arm chair is constructed to provide soft movement in the back and seat that make it more than just another pretty chair. It reflects the clean lines of mid century design but it also provides plenty of comfort to sit and relax with family and friends.

Mid Century Arm Chair

This chair is made with jute which is a soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers in the world and is second only to cotton in the amount produced and variety of uses. It is a rain fed vegetable that needs little fertilizer or pesticides which is in sharp contrast to it’s cotton competitor. Production of jute is concentrated mostly in India which is the world’s largest producer. Jute remains in great demand due to it’s cheapness, softness, luster and uniformity of fiber. It’s also called the golden fiber because of it’s versatility of uses. Jute is used to make twine, rope, burlap sacks and more recently, rugs and products for the home like this mid century arm chair. While jute is slowly being replaced by synthetic materials in many of these uses, it still remains strong as one of the most biodegradable materials. That means this chair not only looks good but it’s green and good for our environment too. So you might want to try your hand at weaving a natural jute chair but it’s a lot easier to just get one like this. Got jute?

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mid century arm chair
Mid century arm chair
mid century arm chair
Made with woven jute
mid century arm chair
On a solid wood frame