Mid Century Vintage Wood Chairs

I look at this row of mid century vintage wood chairs and think how long is the wait going to be. A line of chairs like this can be intimidating particularly in a doctors office or barber shop. But it also makes me think how fun it would be to play musical chairs with this many wood chairs. Of course I would have to rearrange them all into a circle. At least it would make the time pass more quickly while waiting for a medical exam or a haircut.

Mid Century Vintage Wood Chairs

And just for those that may not have had the privilege to play musical chairs in their childhood. It’s a game where a number of chairs, one fewer than the number of players, are arranged in a circle facing outward. The players stand in a similar circle facing the chairs. Music is then played while the players walk in unison around the chairs. When the music stops each player sits quickly in the nearest chair. The player who is left standing without a chair is eliminated. The music starts again until there is only one player left sitting in the last chair. That person is declared the winner. Not a bad game. It certainly kept us entertained for hours. But eventually there would be an argument with two people vying for the same chair. Game over. Now how long is this wait going to be.

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mid century vintage wood chairs
How long is the wait going to be?



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