Vintage Mirrors

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.  I think that some of these mirrors would have been great for the Wicked Queen but we are actually supposed to hang them in our homes.  That is if you have a wall large enough!  Some of these wood mirrors are old, some are new, big and small, and some even have mussels on them.  Take a look but not too close, you might see someone looking back at you!

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Mussel Beach Mirror

Yes, those are mussel shells!

Antique white wood mirror

Vintage wood doesn’t come cheap!

Antique gold gilded mirror

Love that gold gild

Great vintage wood mirror

Are these getting more expensive?

Let’s not forget the small antique wood mirrors

Great wood detail on this mirror

How big is this vintage mirror?

Great detail on this one.

Cool wall of vintage wood mirrors

Great aged wood on this mirror

The Wicked Queen!

The Wicked Queen!

recycled wood mirror

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recycled marine wood mirror

Click here to view Recycled Marine Wood Mirror, $349 at

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I really like the carved mirrors and the mirrors with the designs, absolutely beautiful. I wish they were less money, but they look very nice.

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