Modern Acrylic Lighting

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It’s modern, hip and acrylic. Contemporary lighting can be cool.  My style is more recycled and repurposed but when you group these light spheres together, they almost become sculptural pieces of art.  These modern lights are fun to look at and would probably go great in a kids room or some lofty space.  So check out these space age globe lights and enjoy the ride.

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modern globe lighting

Modern acrylic lighting.  Which color is your favorite?

modern acrylic globe lighting

Transparent acrylic lighting

modern acrylic lighting

Better use non-glare bulbs

modern globe lighting

Modern globe lights or an art sculpture?

modern globe lighting

Maybe Christmas decorations?

modern acrylic lighting

Cool lighting and art sculpture

modern globe lights

I thought these globe lights were a drum set!

modern acrylic shades

Acrylic shades, now this is getting crazy.


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