Modern Rope Glass Chandelier

Midcentury modern meets vintage industrial with this modern rope glass chandelier. If not for the rope you might think this chandelier was from The Jetsons. At least the time period is correct. The popular sitcom The Jetsons ran on primetime TV from 1962 to 1963. That’s just about when the Atomic light fixture was created. But this chandelier has a twist. It’s the natural jute rope. Vintage industrial design wraps rope around the brass tubing to make this chandelier the perfect blend of both worlds. Yet the glass globes, similar to bubbles floating in the air, speak to mid century modern.

Modern Rope Glass Chandelier

This chandelier reflects the Atomic Age of interior design. It ran from 1940 through 1960 when concerns over nuclear war dominated western society during the Cold War. Architecture, industrial design, commercial design, interior design as well as the fine arts were all influenced by the themes of atomic science. Atomic design was very popular and instantly recognizable with the use of atomic motifs. As illustrated in this chandelier, the glass globes simulate clear atoms floating in the air. There were many variations of this design but they all held true to atoms and molecular structure. Bringing this down to earth, this chandelier works well hanging over the kitchen island or the table in the formal dining room. I can almost see Judy Jetson serving dinner to her family now.

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