Modular Rooms

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Want to build a room and don’t have the money?  Or don’t want to be hassled with building permits, construction workers and the whole mess?  Here’s an amazing solution in a do it yourself project that can give you the extra room you were looking for.  It’s modular rooms and they are made by

What a novel idea to create your own private space without the headache of building.  These rooms come as a kit and are way easy to assemble with interchangeable panels and colors.  They even come on wheels so that you can roll it around the house if you change your mind on where you want it.

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modular rooms

Pretty cool room

modular rooms

Cool desk and work area

industrial lighting

Let’s take a closer look in that window

industrial lighting

Great take on industrial lighting with this desk lamp

desks and industrial lighting

Could be an office or dining area

desk lamps and industrial lighting

More industrial lighting

industrial lighting

I think I could make this industrial light

makeup vanity

Comes with optional shelving and drawers

go green

Go Green

bombay makeup vanity

Bombay Makeup Vanity can also be used as a desk

bombay makeup vanity

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