Old Wood School Chairs

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Do you remember playing musical chairs?  How about the little wood chairs that you sat on when you first started school?  Those little wood school chairs are now being used as decorative accents in the home.  Some are vintage with great distressed wood and others are being reproduced and painted in a rainbow of colors.  Either way, they are fun little wood chairs that go way back and can go anywhere in your home.  And maybe some little kids will like sitting in your little chairs.  Enjoy the trip back to school!

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Painted wood school chairs

The little school chairs stand about 2 feet high

Vintage wood school chairs

The original paint is nearly worn off

All gum has been removed

How about some little wood buckets to go with the little wood chairs?

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Click here to view Carved Wood Leaf Chair, $239 at HudsonGoods.com

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