Natural Jute Rope Chandeliers

UFO’s or natural jute rope chandeliers. If a UFO looks as good as these rope chandeliers I say come on down. Just like an unidentified flying object, these rope chandeliers are ready to fly over your dining room table or in this case, over our heads. But the good thing is that we know they are only chandeliers and are here to add style and charm to your space and home.

Natural Jute Rope Chandeliers

Made with natural jute wrapped on an industrial iron frame, these rope chandeliers are easily identifiable. In fact, they are so large that you really can’t miss them. And what makes them even more unique is they have movable parts allowing them to change positions depending on your style or your mood. They come in three different styles, or shapes. Take your pick of a circle, square or hexagon chandelier. When closed they are one dimensional but move the pieces outward and these rope chandeliers take on a three dimensional shape. And just like a UFO they will keep your family and friends guessing. Am I seeing things or is that another new chandelier over the table? Keep them closed during the day and when you’re ready to entertain in the evening, open them up. Hang one large chandelier over the dining room table or in the grand foyer. You can even hang a group of these chandeliers in the hotel lobby to welcome guests or in the restaurant waiting room to greet patrons. Of course, these rope chandeliers light up so they will be easily identifiable by family and guests. If only all UFO’s could look this good. We might never know.

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natural jute rope chandeliers
UFO’s or natural jute rope chandeliers



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