Natural Stone Coffee Table

River rocks or natural stone coffee table. A little of both.

You might think this would be an easy do it yourself project. But unless you plan on walking the beaches of Nicaragua to find these stones this is one project you might want to leave up to the professionals. Not to mention how time consuming it would be to hot glue gun all of those stones in a straight line and evenly spaced. Some DIY projects look easier than they really are. Made from natural stone from the coast of Nicaragua, this coffee table looks like it came right off the sandy beaches. Each stone shows the natural wear of the water and tides to create an all around smooth surface. If you want that one of a kind coffee table for the beach house or country cottage look no more. This table is perfect for entertaining because the stones are protected by two thick panes of heavy glass. So rest those drinks and appetizers any where on top while guests admire the natural stones below. And when all have gone home for the night you can wipe this coffee table clean and still enjoy the natural beauty of these stones. Use this coffee table in front of the sofa or on the back porch to add unique style to your space. And it’s a lot easier to buy it than make it yourself.

I never was good at skipping stones.

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natural stone coffee table
Natural stones
natural stone coffee table
From the coast of Nicaragua
natural stone coffee table
Are transformed
natural stone coffee table
Into a one of a kind coffee table