Natural Wood Frame Chandelier

Let’s blow the roof off this joint and hang this natural wood frame chandelier. And you can take me literally on that because this chandelier looks just like the standard roof that’s found on most suburban homes across America. It’s not hard to figure out what the inspiration was for this wood frame chandelier. So let’s keep the roof on this joint because it would be hard to hang this chandelier without one.

Natural Wood Frame Chandelier

Modern wood roofs are framed mostly with pairs of common rafters that are fastened together with connector plates. Just like this chandelier. The steepness or pitch of the roof is determined primarily by the geographic area or climate of the region. For example, a high pitched roof would be built in regions of high snowfall, so that the snow doesn’t accumulate on the roof and cause damage. A low pitched roof would be used in areas that see less snow and more rain. But don’t be fooled. A flat roof is never completely flat. There is always a slight pitch, usually about 10 degrees, so that water can run off easily. My guess is that this chandelier was made for places somewhere in between. That means it can hang in almost any home in any region. If you’re a fan of natural wood or always dreamed of being an architect this just might be the chandelier for you. Built just like a timber roof, this chandelier will add functionality and beauty to your home. And it might give you the opportunity to give your guests a little lesson in roof construction. So try hanging this chandelier in your dining room and hold onto your hat. Because this chandelier is ready to blow the roof off.

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natural wood frame chandelier
Let’s blow the roof off this joint!



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