New York City Airplane Oil Painting

If you like flying over New York City as you descend into JFK or LaGuardia airports then you will like this New York City airplane oil painting. Painted in oil on a canvas the size of a jumbo jet, this painting depicts a vintage DC-4 plane flying over the NYC skyline back in 1945. Painted in hues of only black and white adds to the vintage feel of this painting. It’s almost as big as a real DC-4 as it spans further than the length of this living room sofa. You can hang this painting over the sofa but it also looks great in the man cave.

New York City Airplane Oil Painting

The Douglas DC-4 was a four engine propellor driven airplane that was built by the Douglas Aircraft Company. This plane was proud to serve during World War II in the Berlin Airlift and well into the 1960’s as a military plane. However, from 1945 it also operated world wide for many civilian airlines. The DC-4 proved to be complicated to maintain and inefficient to operate. Requests from United Air and Eastern Air Lines forced Douglas Aircraft to build a smaller and simpler replacement plane. But it continued to operate for military service. Only two passenger DC-4’s remain in service today. They are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and fly with South African Airways. There is also one that is being restored to it’s original glory in South Wales, Australia. You may have missed your chance to fly on one of these planes but you can always hang this vintage airplane oil painting in your home and enjoy the view of New York City from above every day. Prepare for landing.

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New York City Airplane Oil Painting
Prepare for landing



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