Ocean Liner Oil Painting

Double your pleasure and double your fun with this ocean liner oil painting. I’m not talking about the Doublemint Twins. Instead I like this oil painting of a vintage luxury ocean liner. In fact, I like it so much that I just had to hang two of them. That’s right these paintings are hanging side by side and they look twice as good. Nothing stops you from doing the same in your home. If you see something you like, buy it. And don’t just buy one. As long as your wallet can handle it, but a few of your favorite find. If it comes in more than one color then buy it in every color. A big blank wall can be daunting to decorate. A mirror or a picture sometimes leaves the space begging for more. And there aren’t a lot of alternatives as to what can hang on a wall. So get creative and fill that wall with your favorite art collection or just the same painting or object but in different colors or sizes. Hang them close together and your wall will become a standout rather than just another wall to walk by.

Ocean Liner Oil Painting

This painting is the SS Paris and it was built as a luxury liner offering every possible amenity to passengers. It’s Art Nouveau palatial cabins could not compare to any other ocean liner on the high seas. Ahead of it’s time, first class staterooms had square windows rather than the usual round portholes. They also had private telephones which was extremely rare at that time. And each passenger could request a valet for assistance in an adjacent room rather than from a second class cabin on another deck. The upper class knew how to live. But the SS Paris had a harder life than it’s passengers. In 1929, the Paris ran aground in New York Harbor. It was refloated only to run aground again two weeks later in the United Kingdom. That same year there was a fire and and the Paris sank but was raised, repaired and returned to service. Ten years later, the steamship caught fire again but this time it capsized and sank in Le Havre, France. The wreck of the Paris remained there until 1947 when it was finally sold for scrap metal. Not an easy life but it’s grand style is all recaptured in this beautiful vintage steamship oil painting.

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ocean liner oil painting
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