Ocean Liner Wall Painting

Now is not the time to cruise the high seas but this ocean liner wall painting might be the next best thing. A cruise can be a lot of fun. You leave port and within days you dock at your first destination. A few hours later taking in the sights and set sail again for the next destination. After all is said and done you get the chance to see a lot of different places within a short period of time. But it didn’t always work that way with the first ocean liners.

Ocean Liner Wall Painting

Ocean liners were the primary means of intercontinental transportation from the mid 19th century until they were replaced by air liners in the 1950’s. Ocean liners, or cruise ships, were used to carry passengers but they also transported mail and cargo. They were built strong to withstand the rough seas and storms that would be encountered in the open ocean. They often had a thicker hull than today’s modern cruise ship and a large capacity for fuel and food to sustain long voyages between the continents. The busiest route for ocean liners was on the North Atlantic traveling between Europe and North America. It was on this route that the fastest, largest and most advanced liners travelled. Very similar to the one in this ocean liner oil painting. But the advent of the Jet Age led to the decline of ocean liners. Transporting mail and cargo was more efficient using aircraft and cruise ships replaced ocean liners for passenger travel. But some ocean liners like the Queen Elizabeth 2 still remain today and are used primarily to transport passengers on today’s more popular cruise line routes. All aboard that’s going aboard.

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ocean liner wall painting
The next best thing to taking a cruise



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