Old Wood Well Crank

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When was the last time you saw an actual well crank?  As for me, I’ve never seen one before.  This old wood crank sat on top of a well and was used to hoist up water or whatever else was down in the well.  I like the old wood of this crank and the rope too.  It has an industrial style and would look cool hanging on the wall in a big loft space.

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New video at end of post.

old wood antique well-crank

This old wood well crank is about 6 feet long. Click the photo for the video!

old wood antique well-crank

A closer look at the handle of the crank

old wood antique well-crank

Very secure with this rope

old wood antique well-crank

A close look at the old wood

old wood antique well-crank

An old well crank.  Just a cool vintage item. Click the photo for the video!




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