Mother of Pearl Dressers

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Oysters anyone?  Wood dressers with inlaid mother of pearl, who would have thought?  Bold paint colors combined with iridescent inlay make these dressers hard to miss.  I thought they were pretty cool but too bad the prices aren’t.

Not exactly my vintage taste but check out the end of this post for more of that.  Enjoy the display of color and try to resist the urge for some succulent oysters!

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You might want to put your sunglasses on

It’s even brighter close up.

Turn the lights down

Great detail work.

You can take the sunglasses off now!

These prices hurt.

This color is my favorite.

Cool top.

Uncool price!

Now this is vintage Bombay Dresser, $599

Vintage chandelier not included! Bombay Dresser, $599

Real wood. Bombay Dresser, $599

We’re not Pottery Barn, shop and compare




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