Painted Metal Pendant Light

Finally a painted metal pendant light that swings both ways. Minds out of the gutter. This pendant compliments both vintage industrial and contemporary spaces. That’s right. No more shopping for the perfect vintage light or the wining modern fixture. This light fixture can serve both spaces proudly. 

Painted Metal Pendant Light

Sometimes less is more. A simple style pendant like this can turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary. It might not be fancy but this pendant makes a statement. Sleek lines with a neutral gray paint allow this pendant to match any decorating scheme. Add a little flash of brass finish and the light is complete. The inspiration was a vintage cage light used by mechanics and working hands. Replace the wood handle with metal and substitute a brass surround for the cage and you have an award winning pendant. This pendant can now hang proudly in any home. Hang them in a row over the kitchen island or above the bar counter. Or be bold and hang them in a group over the dining room table. Either way, this pendant will set your room apart from the crowd. Vintage industrial or modern. Call it what you like.

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painted metal pendant light
Vintage or Modern



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