Painted Vintage Metal Chairs

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Break out the paint brushes, it’s time to paint those old metal chairs.

Painting old metal furniture and matching it up with a vintage wood table is one of the latest trends in home decor. In the kitchen or dining room, these vintage metal chairs have found a new home. Once sitting in the rain on your back patio, these worn and rusted metal chairs can now relax comfortably indoors. Mixing and matching brightly painted metal chairs with wood furniture adds vintage charm and character to your home. So think twice before you put that old metal chair out on the curb. Grab a brush and paint it!

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Vintage painted metal chairs

Cool color on this metal chair

This metal chair has been through a lot

But I guess it was worth it

White always works

With rust of course

Tiny vintage metal folding chair

I like the blue

Are you kidding?

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