Pet Pillows

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For those of you who always wished you had a pet but were allergic, here’s a solution.  Check out these custom made pillows and I’m sure you can find a favorite.  There’s even a pillow for cat lovers!  Any size pillow is available for $70 at MXYPLYZYK, no you’re not reading an eye chart, located at 125 Greenwich Avenue, New York City.  These are cool, fun pillows that can go anywhere in your home and keep you company at the same time!

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The legendary Beagle pillow

The Taco famous Chiwawa pillow

The Bulldog pillow, they always come in pairs.

The Dachshund pillow, forever long.

The Dalmation pillow, number 101

The Cocker Spaniel pillow, Lady or Tramp?

Cats, not the Broadway show.

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