Pine Wood Hall Tree

Just like a tree with it’s branches extended wide, this pine wood hall tree is ready to hang your coat, jacket and even some colorful blankets. I can see how a hall tree would get it’s name. This piece is generally used in the front or rear hall of a home. Usually where people enter or exit the building. Makes sense because that’s where you take your coat on and off. Or your hat on and off, boots on and off, gloves, scarf but please no shirts or pants. Let’s leave that for the bedroom. If you have enough room this hall tree works well in the bedroom too. How many times do we change our clothes and throw our pajamas or a shirt over the bedroom chair or bench. Once worn, clothes never seem to go directly to the hamper or back in the closet for another day. Personally, I like to decide if I want to wear it again tomorrow. Unless I have been running a marathon or playing in the sandbox, my clothes don’t really get that dirty.

Pine Wood Hall Tree

The hooks on this hall tree represent the branches of a tree. Although, if you’ve ever tried to hang your coat on a tree, not that easy. It better be a strong tree with short limbs or you might just find your coat on the ground. Made from solid pine wood on an iron frame this hall tree isn’t giving into any peer pressure. Or at least the pressure from a heavy coat. It will stand proud in any hall of your home and feels perfectly comfortable in the bedroom too. So invite your family and friends over and ask to take their coat knowing you have just the right place to hang it.

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pine wood hall tree
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