Real Branch Twig Chandeliers

No trees were destroyed in the production of these real branch twig chandeliers. These cool lights were made using reclaimed branches and twigs picked up off the ground. That’s right. Branches that had fallen naturally to the earth’s soil. Even though these large chandeliers are brown in color they are very green when it comes to recycle, reclaim and repurpose our natural elements. No man made materials here. These chandeliers are biodegradable and good for the planet.

Real Branch Twig Chandeliers

Trees have been on this planet longer than man. There are records that keep track of the longest living trees. The current record holder for the oldest tree is the Great Basin bristlecone pine which can be found in California and Nevada. These trees are estimated to be more than five millennia old. In less scientific terms that means 5,000 years old. But scientists also keep track of clonal colonies in which there is a forest of a specific tree species. No individual tree may be remarkably old but the forest, or organism as a whole, is thought to be very old. A colony of 47,000 Quaking Aspen trees covering over 100 acres in Utah is considered one of the oldest and largest organisms in the world. It is estimated at more than 80,000 years old. That’s not in dog years. Unfortunately, these colonies are rare making it more important to protect our trees and recycle whenever possible. That’s why we like these unique branch chandeliers so much. Plus they look great too. Go green.

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real branch twig chandeliers
Go green with real branch chandeliers



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