Reclaimed Wood and Metal Bookshelf

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Luggage rack or bookshelf?

You decide. Either way, this bookshelf is built industrial strong and can handle the heaviest of luggage. Forget the carry on, this industrial bookshelf can take check in bags too. Made from industrial grade steel, this bookshelf weighs close to 400 pounds so load it up. These shelves are made from reclaimed boat wood and they are heavy too with a great rustic distressed finish. Bookshelves are no longer limited to just books. Take your favorite collection and get creative. Display your vintage luggage, hat boxes, toy trucks or cameras. Whatever you choose, this industrial bookshelf will make it look great. So pack your bags, we’re going shopping for an industrial wood and metal bookshelf!

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Industrial bookshelf

Or luggage rack?

Cool vintage luggage

Industrial metal

And reclaimed wood

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