Reclaimed Wood Apothecary Cabinet

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Pick a drawer, any drawer.

In past centuries, apothecary cabinets were used by pharmacists and physicians to hold their tools, spoons, scales and different materials to make medicine. And there were plenty of wood drawers to hold all of their necessary equipment. But when medicinal pills became mass produced and pharmacists no longer conjured up their own pills, apothecary cabinets became less popular for commercial use. Instead, the wood apothecary cabinet found it’s way into the home for decorative and functional use.

An apothecary cabinet looks great in an entryway but it can also function in the bathroom to hold towels and other bath necessities. Or use an apothecary cabinet in the kitchen to hold tableware, forks, spoons and knives.

Now which drawer did I put those pills?

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Pick a drawer

Any drawer

On this apothecary cabinet

Made from reclaimed wood

With plenty of drawers

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