Reclaimed Wood Barrel Chandeliers

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In 1982, it was raining men.

Twenty years later, it’s raining chandeliers.

Made with reclaimed wood from old wine barrels, these chandeliers will add light and drama to your space. Each chandelier is made by hand with reclaimed wood which makes each chandelier unique and green at the same time. Fully equipped with either six or eight candles, these wood chandeliers are big and will certainly get noticed. Unfortunately, we don’t often have the opportunity to hang four or five chandeliers together, but hang just one chandelier over the dining table or in the grand foyer and it will add old world charm to your room.

So next time you whistle a tune, try it’s raining chandeliers!

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It’s raining chandeliers

Made with reclaimed wood

From vintage wine barrels

And heavy rusted iron.

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